Flat, single slope, and duel slope;
.10 per square foot with $2,000.00 minimum

3-D profiling;
.15 per square foot

$3,000.00 minimum

Travel Charge;
$4.00 per mile one way travel charge. 

Effective immediately! 
Due to the rising cost of fuel we will be adding a extra surcharge per gallon at the pump as follows;

.25 cent per mile up to 5.00,

 .50 cent per mile from 5.00 to 6.00,
1.00 per mile if it goes over 6.00. 

When prices go back down the surcharge will also.
Thank you for understanding and working with us on these outrageous fuel prices!

3.5% sur charge to cover tax and permits

**$125 per diem, per day, after first day. 

***$1000 per day on no pour lay over days.

*Excessive time spent waiting on concrete will be back charged to bill at a rate of $250 per hour on any hour over what it should take to pour out.

**Cancellation fees
Day of pour (set up and ready to go):
 full price!

Day of pour (not set up , on job site):
 $2000.00 + mileage !

While on the way to job. mileage both ways !
Haven't left the shop NO CHARGE !

 All invoices are to be paid at the end of the day.

"Leveling the world, One job at a time!"

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