Flat, single slope, and duel slope;
.10 per square foot with $2,000.00 minimum

3-D profiling;
.15 per square foot

$3,000.00 minimum

Travel Charge;
$3.00 per mile one way travel charge. 

3.5% sur charge to cover tax and permits

**$125 per diem, per day, after first day. 

***$1000 per day on no pour lay over days.

*Excessive time spent waiting on concrete will be back charged to bill at a rate of $250 per hour on any hour over what it should take to pour out.

**Cancellation fees
Day of pour (set up and ready to go):
 full price!

Day of pour (not set up , on job site):
 $1500.00 + mileage !

While on the way to job. mileage both ways !
Haven't left the shop NO CHARGE !

 All invoices are to be paid at the end of the day.

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